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At One Workplace, we see sustainability as a framework for approaching everything we do. It’s an inside out approach to building smarter environments, rethinking how we use resources, and using technology to change the way we interact with each other and nature. It’s about giving back to the community as well as our people. Because for the first time, sustainability can help companies continue to move forward while still giving back.

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Project Literacy Lab

The fight to end illiteracy

Project Literacy Lab is a global movement to help spread the word and educate the public on how to end literacy for 757 million people globally. One Workplace worked together with many mentors and entrepreneurs in an effort to solve these issues.

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Designing for Distraction

Design is about solving problems

And we know that one of the biggest problems workers face today is distraction.

Human beings yearn to be in a state of flow, where we are so fully immersed and energized by what we are doing, that we actually experience a sense of pleasure—even joy—in the task at hand. Yet the tension we all face as humans is that we are easily distracted.

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At One Workplace, our relationship with A+D begins at the point where good design and good business meet. We work with over 300 furniture manufacturers to bring you the most savvy and design conscious styles in the marketplace today. We recommend the latest products to achieve your design objectives, while keeping our commitment to your clients’ financial objectives.

When you partner with One Workplace early in the design process, we can help with project fundamentals like furniture and services cost analysis, design schematics and design documentation. We can also help you achieve your design intent without sacrificing key furniture statement pieces that are often value-engineered during the standard bidding process. We become your planning partner to help you save your billable hours for the work you do best.

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Your workplace is constantly evolving. From new employees, to moves, to reconfigurations, there is a constant need to redesign your space and maximize your real estate. Modular construction products, including reusable walls, sound-masking systems, raised floors, and modular electrical and cabling, give you the flexibility to efficiently grow your space as your company grows.

Modular products are a smart choice for your bottom line and the environment. Manufactured in quality-controlled factories, modular products eliminate the waste and emissions that standard drywall construction produces. Modular architecture allows for interiors to be constructed for 50 year cycles, not the life of a lease as conventional construction methods do. In addition, the ability to reuse them as needed cuts back on your carbon footprint; many times simple changes can be made overnight or over a weekend.

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One Workplace is dedicated to offering active learning solutions that provide students and instructors the tools they need to succeed. We have a passion for understanding how learning takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help. Spaces that help students connect, get inspired and achieve deeper learning. Solutions that help educators and institutions achieve better results.

One Workplace integrates the latest furniture products, services and information available with new ideas in teaching and learning. We help create educational environments that support the process, the technology, and the work that people do every day, whether that work is researching, learning, developing, managing, or administering.

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One Workplace is proud to be a full-service provider of office furniture solutions to all branches of the US Federal Government. We will assist you in all aspects of budgeting, design, planning, procurement, and project management through one contract (GS-27F-020CA).

Working with One Workplace you issue a single Purchase Order for your entire project. Using our GSA contract and small business status, the purchase process is streamlined which lessens procurement costs. Additionally there are benefits to working with a single point of contact for furniture, design, and project management enhancing the overall project success.

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At One Workplace, we believe that human connection is vital to a life of health and happiness. That is why we have built a team of healthcare furnishings and equipment experts dedicated to help you meet the complex and rigorous demands of healthcare furnishings procurement. We have partnered with leaders in the industry to gain insight into the ways patients, caregivers and loved ones interact, helping us to better understand the physical and emotional processes of healing.

Our holistic perspective addresses both the system as a whole and all the pieces – people, process, technology, equipment, furniture, space – that comprise it. We understand that the environment plays a critical role in positive patient outcomes. This, in turn, informs our approach and helps us facilitate a more thoughtful environment

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One Workplace understands that in today’s interconnected world, the workspace extends beyond the brick and mortar confines of the office and boardroom. No longer is audiovisual limited to presentation spaces, but now is used as a collaboration work tool to bring people together throughout their office and around the globe.

Business has changed dramatically over the years. The way people work and the way businesses operate are constantly evolving. Companies need to stay flexible to keep up with these changes and find ways to accommodate their employees to minimize disruptions to workflow. As three generations continue to interact within the workplace, employers need to create adaptive work settings that will meet the needs of everyone.

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