Why residential influences are just part of the story in the evolution of the workplace. A Q&A with Pair

Our relationship with the workplace is changing. As work-life and home-life collide, residentially inspired environments are reshaping our vision of…

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A Health Minded Approach to Workplace Design

Office design goes far beyond functionality and appearance. Designing to promote employee wellbeing is a strategy that more and more…

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Technology Driven Spaces Designed to Fuel Creativity and Innovation In The Workplace

We are now in a time where the workplace is experiencing unprecedented change. As we continue to explore these changes…

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Girls Garage

Lessons Learned from an Outsider: an Ode to Project Based Learning

What happens when students become active learners, teachers lose the pressure to “perform” in the classroom, and the learning environment…

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One Workplace, Santa Clara, CA

Designing to Inspire Productivity

Work environments that are designed to make employees feel connected, functional and emotionally fulfilled can increase their productivity. Spaces that…

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Playing with water

Developing a Better Future: Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

In September 2015, over 150 world leaders came together with the mission of ending the negative impacts of poverty, inequality,…

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American Aesthetic

American Aesthetic An Interview with Ben Hopkins and Eric Pfeiffer. The best ideas are generated when talented people and inspiration…

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The Teachers Guild

How The Creative Leadership of One Workplace Works with Clients to Solve Big Challenges

Today’s economy is requiring ever increasing levels of education and skill development for young people entering the workforce. Yet despite…

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Achieving A Healthy Sense of Work Life Balance

Many of us spend a significant percentage of each day in a reactive state when it comes to our jobs,…

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The Power of Adaptive Learning Spaces in Schools

Not every student learns the same way. So let’s make classroom environments flexible and purposeful. Connected and Purposeful Learning Spaces…

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