Culture@Work in the Heartland: A Look Back on our Journey


By the time Edgar pulled into Dallas, he was used to drawing the crowds After 1,500 miles, 10 states, and $100,000 in space makeovers awarded from the time our journey began on February 25th, the Culture@Work in the Heartland Contest is officially in the books.  As we meet many old friends in Austin at SxSW… Read More

4 Questions To Ponder When Branding Your Workplace

The golden arches, an apple and the swoosh, these symbols reflect strong brands. But the power of the brand is beyond the symbol.  It is an experience that customers, clients, and employees develop a strong affiliation with.  Interpreting your vision and who you are in a workplace are most effective when client, architect, brand, and… Read More

How To Create A Bicycle Culture

There are many reasons why businesses might encourage bicycling to work like employee health and wellness or environmental wellbeing. And while I've previously discussed turning your company into an exercise culture through design, I thought it would be a good idea to tackle  the bicycle element. Provide Bike Storage This is definitely the easiest step… Read More

Infographic: Work vs. Life. The Balancing Act for Better Productivity

Having a balanced lifestyle is a foundation that helps you thrive in all aspects of your life. With a more balanced work vs. life lifestyle you can increase your productivity all around your daily activities. Being unbalanced can negatively affect your relationships at home and at work. We thought we would take the time to… Read More

Inspiring Office: FLOR HQ

Based in Chicago, IL, I had a chance to visit the FLOR headquarters as part of Chicago Ideas Week. If you've never heard of floor, they make some pretty awesome carpet tiles. These aren't the ugly grey tiles you may see at the airport, but vibrantly colored and made of really cool material. We often recommend FLOR… Read More

Amazing Startup Offices are the New Normal

Yoga classes, massages, catered meals, laundry services, gourmet coffee. Sound like your job? No – probably not. But for many startup companies, this picture is often reality. Gone are the days where startup offices consisted of 10 people slaving away in a single room eating top ramen by the truckload. For many companies battling for startup… Read More

How Creatives Inspire Innovation and Stay Productive

Creative people are sometimes viewed as flighty. They can come up with the winning ideas but executing them is a different story. Staying on track with your vision is just one challenge of running a business. Some offices do this with office design that invites creativity. Small businesses and startups are constantly looking for that… Read More

Customer Spotlight: Greenbiz

Every company has the potential to integrate sustainability into their work lives.   Being environmentally responsible is possible for companies of all sizes, and from different industries. Greenbiz provides resources and insights for individuals and groups that believe sustainability is a valuable part of their profession. Greenbiz offers assistance for people looking for further information… Read More

The Benefits of Unplugging and Recharging

photo credit It amazes me how many rechargeable items we use on a daily basis. Everything from cell phones and MP3 players to laptops, digital cameras, and rechargeable batteries — and in order to recharge, they all need to be plugged in. However, I find it ironic that unlike all our rechargeable toys, we often need to UNPLUG in… Read More

Unless You’re Iterating Your Office Design, You’re Doing It Wrong

Let’s face it, we all wish our offices were better. You might want privacy. Your neighbor might want better coffee. And your boss might want you to stop complaining about it. Many offices these days are designed based on a vision from the top down. The designs are often focused on lofty buzzwords like collaboration… Read More