Reimagining Professional Learning

HMW Reimagine PD

In late September over 200 educators joined together to embark on a rather audacious journey. Gathered together in the De Turk Round Barn this amazingly diverse and inspired crowd lent their voice to a call for reimagining the professional learning experience for teachers. The location, a gorgeously restored 1890’s horse stable – and one of the… Read More

The Maker Movement


When One Workplace celebrated ten days of design inspiration at our ONEder event last September, the primary impetus was to highlight the beauty of design and its power to inspire. Not lost on the organizers of this two week event was also the power of design to teach, to spark creativity, and to empower change. The… Read More

Adapting Resources for Active Learning

Dthink Workshop

Space can be one of the most important factors in fostering school achievement and learning progress. In some studies it has been shown that classroom design can directly influence learning by a variance of up to 16%.  As the needs of students change to meet the demands of shifting economies, new technologies, and globalization, we… Read More