American Aesthetic

American Aesthetic An Interview with Ben Hopkins and Eric Pfeiffer. The best ideas are generated when talented people and inspiration…

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Improv & Innovation Mindset – Resource

Improv & An Innovative Mindset

When someone says the word “improv” aloud, most people turn to run in the opposite direction. The word alone sounds…

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Collaborative Learning Environments: a Partnership with Project Frog

We are very excited to announce the launch of “Collaborative Learning Environments” from One Workplace and Project Frog. This is an…

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Giving Is Receiving: A One Workplace True Story

In August, One Workplace was privileged to have the opportunity to volunteer for a second year with Waves of Impact,…

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Think-Make-Learn How to Bring Maker Education to Your Classroom

When we see the world as malleable, we are more willing to accept that we can shape that world, and…

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Join Us In Exploring Ways We Can Help Students on Their Way to and Through College.

First Lady Michelle Obama is a first-generation college graduate, and she knows that in today’s economy a high school degree…

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Join One Workplace and the First Lady in helping students Reach Higher

We are excited and honored to share our latest collaboration – a partnership with the Office of the First Lady…

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Students Lead the Way to Innovation at Redwood High

It did not take an investigative report to uncover that journalism students at Redwood High School faced a challenge.  Running…

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Disney Magic Brings Design Thinking and Making to Any Classroom.

As the Maker Movement has begun to gain traction in schools, it has also commonly found itself relegated to live…

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HMW Reimagine PD

Reimagining Professional Learning

In late September over 200 educators joined together to embark on a rather audacious journey. Gathered together in the De…

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