How to Style the Turnstone Bivi Desk


I'm still on the hunt for a new office, as well as a new desk to go with it. But the hard part is, I haven't decided about the colors or decor yet. So I started looking for desks that could easily go in a variety of different office designs. Naturally, I checked out all… Read More

Inside Backlash Beer Company with Helder Pimentel


I had the pleasure meeting Helder Pimentel and Maggie Foley, founders of Backlash Beer Company at turnstone’s Fail Smart:  Mistakes to Learn From event hosted in Boston, MA.  Let me just say, two incredible individuals with a ton of passion for their craft.  Backlash Beer Company officially launched late July 2011 and have been going… Read More

Culture@Work in the Heartland: A Look Back on our Journey


By the time Edgar pulled into Dallas, he was used to drawing the crowds After 1,500 miles, 10 states, and $100,000 in space makeovers awarded from the time our journey began on February 25th, the Culture@Work in the Heartland Contest is officially in the books.  As we meet many old friends in Austin at SxSW… Read More

6 Coffee Makers for Your Office


Nothing says productivity like injecting your employees with liquid caffeine. Coffee is the obvious favorite for office workers because it is easily accessible. Not all office coffee is terrible, the right machine will make a deliciously addicting drink. Whether it is a morning cup of joe or an afternoon brew, coffee is great for getting… Read More

Organize Your Office… 5 Minutes at a Time


It's a common misconception that any amount of organization must take lots and lots of time and energy. However, that's simply not true.  Not only can you GET organized over a series of 5 to 10-minute increments, you can also STAY organized by spending 5 minutes at different points throughout the day, quickly cleaning and organizing… Read More