Girls Garage

Close your eyes and imagine that you are attending a shop class and were being taught how to weld. Welding…

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Re-imagining High School: Cloverdale 2.0

In a fast changing world, the divide between our expectations for adolescents as contributing members of society and the formal…

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Creating The “Write” Space for Redwood High

  “The new configuration of their classroom would bring plenty of layout space, and individual work spaces for each student.” …

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Our Favorite Articles on Successful Trends in the Classroom

The dynamics in today’s classrooms are ever changing. Educators are now, more than ever, challenged with staying current with these…

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Think-Make-Learn How to Bring Maker Education to Your Classroom

When we see the world as malleable, we are more willing to accept that we can shape that world, and…

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Join Us In Exploring Ways We Can Help Students on Their Way to and Through College.

First Lady Michelle Obama is a first-generation college graduate, and she knows that in today’s economy a high school degree…

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Disney Magic Brings Design Thinking and Making to Any Classroom.

As the Maker Movement has begun to gain traction in schools, it has also commonly found itself relegated to live…

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HMW Reimagine PD

Reimagining Professional Learning

In late September over 200 educators joined together to embark on a rather audacious journey. Gathered together in the De…

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“The Future is Now” with SFUSD

This has been an amazing year for One Workplace and the San Francisco Unified School District. We have worked together…

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Turning The Classroom Around

Heading into the start of this school year – one elementary school classroom in northern California took advantage of a…

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