Starting Over: How to Design your Office from Scratch


Change can be hard and starting over can be even harder. That goes for anything in life, but it also applies in your work life, too. Whether your office suffered a natural disaster, you've changed jobs or you're setting up a home office, the task of designing your space from scratch can be really daunting…. Read More

How to Stay Healthy (and Burn Calories!) at Work

Businessman walking on office walkway

With bathing suit season here, you want to be beach-ready at any moment. But if you're stuck at a desk for the summer, it's harder than ever to keep those pounds off. Sitting for 8 hours isn't exactly a work out, and combined with fast food lunches and 4 cups of coffee, and you should be… Read More

Hot Desking Part 2- Do’s and Don’ts


Just like hot desking is changing the way people work, it's also changing the way employees decorate/style their workspaces. Typically when you have your own office, you can keep whatever you want in there and keep it the same for as long as you want — same goes for desks and cubicles.  Unfortunately, this is… Read More

Changing Your Mind on Your Office Design Aesthetic


When I painted my office bright purple with silver stripes, I thought I would love it forever. Super glam has been my design aesthetic for years and it was the perfect expression of my personality and my brand. But now, I've found myself moving away from the glittery, girly-glam look and toward a more subdued Mid-Century modern look. I'm… Read More

Mid Century Modern Design at The Office


A few weeks ago, my fiance and I went to this place in LA called Tavern. It's a pretty popular spot and was supposed to have amazing food and atmosphere. We definitely weren't disappointed, but I also drew a lot of inspiration from the gorgeous Mid-Century decor. I had planned on decorating our new home… Read More

Five Quick and Easy Workspace Updates for Summer


Winter is a distant memory and it feels like Spring was barely here, but it's already almost Summer! Kids are almost out of school, vacations are being confirmed and sun dresses and shorts are now in the front of your wardrobe. But unless you're a teacher, you still have to work this summer and you'll want… Read More

How to Check your Email Less


Have you ever sat down to "quickly" check your e-mail, and 2 hours later, realized you were still sitting there? Join the club! While I could NEVER live without email, I also feel quite certain that it doesn't need to completely ruin my productivity or become a huge time suck — right? I'm always looking… Read More