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Compact Comfort
Strong + Supportive
Tailored for Comfort

Compact Comfort



Mineral was designed with the needs of patients and clinicians in mind. With big-chair comfort in a compact size, Mineral recliner puts less strain on clinicians while providing a more comfortable experience for patients.

Mineral’s backrest operates independent of the footrest, allowing users to select a recline position that is most comfortable. The footrest is scalloped to help prevent feet from slipping off the end when reclined.





Easy Exit
Mineral is easy for patients to exit as they move to the next step of their healthcare journey.

Strong + Supportive

A frame completely constructed of welded steel provides the durability needed for a 24/7 healthcare environment. Elastic web straps connected to the frame give additional seat and back support.

Tailored for Comfort





The Mineral recliner is available with a range of features that improve the care experience in various settings.

  • Flip-down arms facilitate safer, easier patient transfers.
  • The push bar adds maneuverability.
  • Casters lock to keep the chair in place.
  • A tablet arm swivels out to support reading or other tasks.
  • The IV pole holder and drainage bag hanger secure vital care tools.
  • The pull-out footrest and heat and massage feature increase comfort, ideal for oncology spaces.


Flip-Down Arm

Optional flip-down arm facilitates safer, easier patient transfers.



As a tool for clinicians and a place where patients sit for care and respite, the recliner is an important opportunity to enhance the care experience. Too residential in design, and it becomes unwieldy for clinicians, unsupportive for patients and a challenge to keep clean. Too institutional, and it reduces the patient’s physical and emotional sense of comfort.

Mineral strikes a smart balance, with thoughtful design elements to support a better experience for clinician and patient

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