media:scape Virtual PUCK is an app that allows anyone to wirelessly share content to a multiple media:scape displays.

media:scape is the first setting that integrates furniture and technology to bring together people, space, and information…boosting collaboration and productivity. With media:scape, Steelcase redefined the high performance collaboration space.

The new Virtual PUCK app allows any meeting participant to share content from their personal laptop or tablet, maintaining media:scape’s simple Open, Connect, Share experience. The app elevates content seamlessly, without the use of a physical PUCK. Meeting participants can easily share information anywhere in the room, with the simple click of an icon on the desktop.

  • Virtual PUCK is a desktop app that eliminates the need for a hard wire connection.
  • It is a simple, easy to understand user interface.
  • The Virtual PUCK works seamlessly with physical PUCKs in any media:scape application.