Minimalistic design with simple lines.

Out of the way, yet always where you need it – the SOTO LED Task Light is the perfect companions for just abut any sized work area. Each SOTO LED Task Light uses a low-energy consumption, mercury-free fixture to provide an optimal pool of brilliant light. Whether you choose to employ it as a free-standing fixture, or tuck it away under a shelf – SOTO LED Task Lights are a part of the SOTO family of worktools. Created to compliment one another in design and use.


  • 4-watt LED – 3500 Color Tempature
  • 50,000 hour rated lamp life
  • Vertical Height 13″
  • Horizontal Height: 13 1/4″ for Standard and 21 3/4″ for extended
  • Mounting options include freestanding and rail

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