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As we looked across the types of experiences throughout a patient’s healthcare journey, we saw an opportunity for improvement. This opportunity lied in the times spent in transition. Though different for each individual, these nonproductive moments were often marked with anxiety and frustration for both patients and loved ones. Regard transforms these moments by extending choice, creating a more connected, comfortable, and informed experience for all involved.

Every patient is on a journey
From the minor injury to a major procedure, every patient is on a healthcare journey. And each journey is marked by key milestone moments. These key moments shape the journey. However, they don’t fully define it.

Transitions are often overlooked
Between milestones, patients and loved ones spend a great deal of time in transition. During our research process, we observed patients wasting time waiting for direction, consultation, and results. People were often subjected to common spaces consisting of rows of armchairs in dehumanizing formations.

Transitions are often overlooked (cont.)
Individuals were experiencing high levels of high anxiety in uncomfortable settings with no access to medical information, privacy, or technology support. No thought was given to how people were truly  spending this valuable time. This resulted in frustrating experiences for the patient and family and a lost opportunity for the healthcare provider.

Supports Productive Waiting
Individuals no longer passively wait. In contrast, reading, writing, and computing all occur during times of transition. Regard helps individuals remain productive by providing integrated worksurfaces and easy access to power in multiple locations, which allows users to stay connected using personal devices over extended period of time.

Supports Eyes to Information
Information is constantly being shared and absorbed in healthcare transition spaces. Regard was designed with intentional sightlines and varying and appropriate amounts of privacy in mind so that individuals can stay abreast of critical information such as a patient’s condition, wait time, and insurance information. Regard also acts as a way-finding element, which is important during times of heightened anxiety.

Supports People’s Things
Everyone brings personal items to healthcare visits. Whether it’s a purse, laptop, smartphone, or stroller, individuals want their belongings in close proximity to where they are. Regards integrates a place for things directly into furniture in a meaningful way. This is not only optimal for facility managers looking to reduce clutter, but also positively impacts the experience for patients and loved ones.

Provides Physical and Emotional Comfort
Common spaces are often outfitted with “one-size-fits-all” solutions, resulting in the inability to effectively adapt to differing individual needs experiences. Regard extends physical comfort by supporting various sizes, physical abilities and postures. And with technology integration and natural settings, Regard helps users escape into welcome distractions or nature.

Supports User Desire for Physical and Psychological Separation Between Strangers
Individuals often have personal space preferences, or boundaries they like to have between themselves and strangers. Regard respects personal space by creating barriers that help define the space and offer a sense of separation without interrupting the flow of information.

Supports Intimacy
Personal support systems are now the norm within the healthcare journey – and patients are often accompanied by their support systems to healthcare visits. Additionally, no one system is exactly alike. With applications that support a broad range of conversations and levels of emotional security and privacy, Regard offers solutions to support the duo, such as the mother and daughter, the family, or extended family.

Advancing the Healthcare Environment
Regard integrates the best materials and processes that provide for infection control, sustainability, and needed robustness. The modularity provides flexibility to offer the perfect solution for today – and tomorrow. The visual language of Regard conveys a message of professionalism and trust.

Research, Insights, Inspiration
Margaret Alrutz, Nurture Director of Marketing, discusses the research process, insights and  inspiration that led to the design of the Regard modular common space seating solution


Technology Integration
Integrated outlets in multiple locations provide easy access to power, enabling productive waiting. The media casegood divides space and brings the TV down to eye level. This allows users to choose whether or not they want to see or hear what is on the screen. Integrated technology also allows healthcare providers to extend new technology that supports health-related learning and education.


Diverse Seating Arrangements
Regard offers diverse and flexible applications to accommodate varying needs, activities and group sizes, while the modularity of the system allows for re-configurability and replacement of components. Additionally, extra wide seats and arm rests support a wide range of postures and personal belongings. Cast legs and a patented metal frame support 500lbs dynamic testing loads at all seating positions.

Integrated Worksurfaces
Regard touchdown stations provide a welcoming place for self-registration, check-in, touchdown work with personal belonging support and task lighting options. Tables and power integration provide settings optimized for productivity or person to person interaction.

Privacy and Space Divisions
Screens and planters provide a boundary element that promotes privacy and separation in the midst of an open space. Additionally, the Regard booth setting offers a familiar setting that is intimate and private, allowing a family or small group to feel secure and comfortable while engaging.

Healthcare Appropriate Design
The simple, refined and distinct design language of Regard provides users with a calming and soothing environment. The open base design reduces visual clutter while providing a durable structure that is easy to clean around. Crumb sweeps surround all three sides of the seats, and plastic arm caps provide a durable and cleanable surface for high touch points. Solid surface is available on all worksurfaces.

Modular Seating Solutions
The modularity of Regard allows for re-configurability – perfect for meeting the needs of today, while being flexible enough to adapt to the needs of tomorrow. The modular common space seating solution also offers easy replacement of parts and maintenance.

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