TagWizard is a free address scheduling system. It makes it easy to find and reserve shared individual workspace.

Find your space. Optimize the workplace. This free address scheduling systems, allows users to quickly find an available space, scan-in and reserve any shared individual workspace. Mobile workers can “tag” a space on demand from their computer.

Features and benefits

  • Offers workers the ability to choose the space that meets their needs whether at a shared bench or an individual workspace.
  • Users can book a space from their computer or on-site with the touch of a finger or the swipe of a badge.
  • Red and green LED lights show availability of spaces.
  • TagWizard collects information through user’s reservations. It provides IT and facility managers information on workspace utilization. This can help identify which areas are high performing and those that can improve.
  • Offers workers the ability to choose their space by a variety of factors like desired location, posture, temperature, light level, or by the tools they need.
  • Designed to aesthetically and functionally integrate with the RoomWizard system.
  • TagWizard is a scalable system that allows IT to manage it across a globally integrated enterprise.
  • Mountable to worksurfaces, panels, storage and walls.


  • Four mounting options available: horizontal, vertical, integrated rail and slatwall mount.
  • TagWizard Analytics is an optional software application that collects information about space utilization.
  • TagWizard Reservations is an optional software application that allows users to find and reserve spaces that meet their needs.