Jan 05, 2022

3 Creative Ways to Use Digital Displays

Digital displays provide much more today than decorative value. They help reduce traffic and confusion, and can extend your brand’s voice. And digital displays are an essential tool for your return to the office, campus or healthcare facility. Let’s take a look at three creative ways you can put them to work.

1. Spread the Word. Deliver an experience.
Digital signage can integrate into the collaboration platforms you already use. The result: corporate, healthcare and campus communications and safety updates automatically show up in high traffic locations and on mobile apps. And touchscreen walls let you give employees, students, patients and visitors a stunning immersive experience.

We’re seeing organizations across all industries customize their digital signage in new, engaging ways. Here are just a few:

2. Provide Clarity at a Glance

Exterior and interior digital signage can reduce the friction of proximity by helping to direct daily users and visitors to their work, classrooms or meeting spaces. Products like Enplug are so easy to use that anyone – from HR to facilities – can easily update content with current information about weather and traffic updates, inspirational messages, or automated room utilization data.

Digital signage has come a long way. Static messaging of the past has given way to useful, clarifying, and brand-building information and content including:

3. Add an Extra Dose of Safety and Security

Digital signage can also reinforce guidance around mask-wearing, hygiene stations and vaccination protocols. By automating standard information and removing answering FAQ responsibility from HR and facility management’s plates, you can keep your workforce, student body or patients and providers safe and focused on the work at hand.

Rather than constantly emailing and answering the same questions over and over, organizations are using digital signage to standardize their protocols for returning to the workplace and campus, including:

Whether it’s adding clarity, safety, or your brand’s voice throughout your environment, digital signage can be a valuable tool in your belt as you plan to return to the office, campus or healthcare facility. And we can help you do it.