Today, as we continue to redefine the kinds of work we do, we’re also reimagining the places where we do it. It’s safe to say that the traditional workspace can now be considered obsolete. Organizations have realized the importance of providing spaces that intuitively boost connectedness, productivity and are a source of inspiration. We doubt that anyone will ever be able to fully define the “perfect workspace.” In our opinion, your perfect workspace is simply what you make of it. We thought we’d share a few things that we believe are essential when it comes to enhancing your workplace.

  1. Collaborative Spaces

At One Workplace we specialize in creating functional, flexible, smart workspaces. Recognizing that a large part of what makes a space successful is the ability to construct an atmosphere that supports group work. Creativity and collaboration are the focal points of corporate management, with that we have to begin reconsidering how we view employee interaction. Individual office spaces are great, but they can form a wedge between employee connections. Offering amenities within the workplace that encourage connectedness is a huge part of designing the ideal workspace.

  1. Flexibility

Shared spaces are another piece of your ideal workplace puzzle. Being tied to one space all day can do more harm than good. Having the flexibility to choose whether you want to work at your personal desk or a shared space throughout the office can easily help to foster creativity and innovation. Here at One Workplace, our employees aren’t expected to work at their desk 24/7, 365. We’ve made our work environments flexible, even providing the opportunity for our employees to work in our other locations throughout the bay area.

  1. Curating An Environment That Focuses on The Experience

Eliminating the feel and concept of the common, traditional workplace is becoming more and more common. Today employees are looking to work in a space where work and play are intertwined, especially when it comes to millennials and even more so in tech-based companies. Employees want a place where they can work hard, while still being able to have fun and be social in the workplace. Curating these types of experiences begins with understanding that employees individually and collectively have diverse ways of interacting with each other. While everyone may not adapt to the environment, in the same way, it’s important to consider that the overall workplace experience has a large impact on productivity.

  1. Color and Lots of It

Inviting color schemes is a necessity. No matter the type of work, in any environment, vibrant, friendly colors help boost creativity. Colors in the workplace play a major role in worker human functionality. Vibrant colors such as yellow, red and orange are said to increase the flow of energy which can result in the increase of productivity. This is a great thing! However, too much blue or green is said to cause a decrease in energy which results in a lack of motivation. New ways of working are fueling the addition of more color choices within the workplace. Connect with One Workplace to learn more about our design solutions.


Happy Designing!