Our team had a fantastic time sharing our insights into Active Learning and Design Thinking at this year’s NeoCon. Brandon Thomas and Christopher Good were honored to have the opportunity to lead nearly 100 designers and educators through a workshop exploring some of our design processes.

Attendees explored some of One Workplace’s recent research into Active Learning, explored the basic fundamentals of design thinking, and discovered specific insights into how design thinking and active learning pedagogy align – all prior to to taking their own stab at solving a design thinking challenge.

We like to say that Design Thinking is a mindset and not a process. We believe that it is the approach which matters much more than the actual tactics we employ. We also know that sometimes it is great to have some context for where to begin. So a little bit of process is sometimes appreciated.

Below we have compiled all of our workshop materials from NeoCon, as well as some of our design thinking workbooks and research into Active Learning and the Maker Movement.

We hope you find these tools helpful for shaping your mindset and giving you a basis to develop your own processes.

If you find these insights helpful we would love to hear from you!

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Download Free OWP Resources Below:
Design Thinking and Active Learning -Final2Learning & Design Thinking Presentation: 6/14/16 An introduction into the alignment between Active learning and Design Thinking.
Learn about design thinking and how we can apply this mindset in practice, in business and in the classroom.


Active Learning White Paper
Identifying opportunities for adapting existing learning resources into active learning spaces. A behind the scenes look at a day long design thinking workshop and the resulting insights from seventeen education leaders and designers. Learn more about teacher-led insights into active learning classrooms and the opportunities and challenges for adapting these learning modes into existing school spaces.

Maker Manual

Think Make Learn: Makerspace Inspiration Guide
Learn how to bring maker education into your classroom and explore the three modes of self-directed learning where students have an opportunity to think and reflect on insights, make and create solutions, and learn through storytelling, collaboration and instruction. Insights include example Open-Ended Student-Led projects and maker education rubrics.

D-Thinking Workbook-FINAL

How Might We: Design Thinking Workbook
This workbook explores all of the activities utilized in the Active Learning White Paper referenced above.
Generate “How Might We” questions, engage in Empathy Interviews, and learn brainstorming techniques that will push you to create divergent ideas and potential solutions.

#1 Empathy Booklet

Workshop Workshop – Volume 1
This is the first in a three part series of workbooks designed to help you better engage your partners and gain empathy for their challenges. Gain insights into users and uncover the pain points and motivations which can lead to successful solutions.

#2 Discovery Booklet

Workshop Workshop – Volume 2
Learn how to go deeper and turn empathy for your client’s situation into powerful insights which can inform your solutions.


#3 Brainstorming Booklet_Page_01A

Workshop Workshop – VolumeĀ 3
Realize and validate your ideas through constructive brainstorming and rapid prototyping.