Nov 04, 2019

Better Care Through Collaboration

The mission of Clarify Health is to bring order and dignity to healthcare delivery. Doing so takes meaningful digital collaboration with San Francisco colleagues, partners, and clients – as well as the company’s New York City office. Technology-enabled face-to-face face meetings play a critical role connecting people, and also empower successful patient care journeys. When Clarify Health wanted to expand to an additional floor in their current building, they came directly to One Workplace Technology to design superior at-the-ready communications and a reliable, accessible solution to technology on demand.

One Workplace put together a playbook for us to utilize in this office and in our New York office, so that they mirror one another and there are no challenges whenever we have people traveling between the two.
Technology solutions enable team communications

Using our earlier work for Clarify Health as the baseline for standards, we helped maintain the initial project build out budget and capitalized on previous lessons learned. We conducted a conference room review to understand user needs along with the required functionality for each room. We also recommended pulling electrical and data cabling into technology-free rooms to future proof them for continued growth – foresight that paid off a month after move-in when Clarify Health chose to install screens in the same rooms. And because the ability to think on their feet and whiteboard is a key element to how Clarify Health communicates, we introduced Avocor Touch Displays to support active brainstorming in several rooms.

Avocor Touch Display Screen

Clarify Health’s new environment is now built to support seamless digital communication today and well into the future, but this project’s success was defined by technology integration. Throughout the entire planning and implementation process, we kept the overall design in mind, so our team could install a visually integrated solution from the beginning, while delivering the functionality Clarify Health needed. It took collaboration and listening on both sides. The result: technology that works flawlessly behind the scenes to instantly connect each user – and support every project.

The value of partnering with One Workplace as a full-service organization means …my life is that much easier. It makes for a very seamless project.

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