Beyond Function: How Co-creation Turns Into Storytelling

Could a table welcome you into a space?  Could it also silently tell you a story?

We invited local Bay Area designer, Daniel Krivens of Krivens Partners, to join us on a journey to explore how that might work.  The result was the perfect entry table for our recently renovated One Workplace Oakland Office. We’re delighted to share our creative journey.

Entry table design charrette – photo by One Workplace

Instead of a traditional reception desk, we wanted an area to welcome people, a place to perch, and an element to play a part in the visual story telling about our Oakland space; a physical demonstration as rich with history, community and connection.  We also needed the table to play a more traditional role, to function as a medium for events and display.

Daniel was the perfect design partner to work with since his firm’s innovative work intends to reveal hidden wonder.  “We design spaces and furniture for workplace and hospitality leaders such as Genentech, eBay, The Farmhouse Inn, and Bentley Enterprises.  Our focus is on creating experiences with deep emotional impact.” 

Design sketch by Daniel Krivens

Daniel’s human driven design often uses hyper local reclaimed materials.  How local, you ask?  Try historic steel and oak pilings from the original Oakland Bay Bridge.  In the process, we chose to let these materials speak for themselves, keeping the design simple, influenced by function, and the materials natural and raw. The table could tell it’s own story.

In case you can’t get by to see it soon, here’s Kati Cesareo, OWP Creative Lead, sharing the story of our special table.