When most people think about living green the first thought is to start in their homes. Here at One Workplace we see sustainability as the foundation for everything that we do. Our goal is to be a leading example that the workplace doesn’t have to be exempt from the ways we all tackle being more environmentally effective. Being sustainable isn’t a choice any longer, it is now a necessity for most companies to move forward while simultaneously giving back. We’re learning that there are so many ways to create a greener more energy efficient work environment. And over the last several years we’ve been committed to making One Workplace more energy resourceful and environmentally friendly. It began with one objective in mind, to create a healthier, more productive place to work. It started with us rethinking the ways in which we utilize our resources in order to restructure our working environment, as well as changing the ways we connect with each other and nature through technology.

Smaller Office. Bigger Opportunities 

Achieving our goal to be more sustainable within the workplace and become a stronger company all together started with us downsizing our headquarters. We were eager to save more energy through smarter environments within the office. So our 52,000 square foot space located in Santa Clara, CA reduced by 38,000 square feet, which resulted in us saving 30% every month on energy. The restructure created more open space, shared spaces and natural lighting. We have less of need for the utilities or traditional materials now that our showroom is equipped with certified sustainable solutions by two of our partners, Steelcase and DIRTT.  Our office now has so much more versatility. Our ecological footprint has been reduced by using all demountable, modular materials that reduce landfill waste. Our revitalized holistic approach has completely transformed the way that we work and interact within our internal and external environments.


Solar Efficiency

Studies show 66% of global respondents say they’re willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact. Greening our workplace has had endless, limitless possibilities. One of our biggest green initiatives has been going solar. We partnered with Apparent Inc. to build a 1667 panel solar system that generates more than 759,3339 kwh of solar power every year. Opting out of traditional energy usage did a lot more than power our offices. Our environmentally friendly solar system keeps several tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere every year.


Consider This: Every hour the sun produces enough energy to satisfy the world’s electrical consumption for the entire year. We decided to put that energy to use.

Going solar at One Workplace was a concentrated effort that took on a two-pronged approach. The challenge was turning a positive environmental choice into a sound financial decision. We found that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, flipping the switch on more traditional energy did a lot more than power our offices. Being that solar powered systems descend, clean and pure energy from the sun, it’s helping us combat our dependency on harmful, traditional energy usage. Moving to a cleaner more renewable energy source by going solar is our way of being a part of the solution to bettering the environment. Solar systems have an enormous impact on saving. They help to reduce operating cost which helps to eliminate high electricity costs. Overall increasing our return in investment while being eco-friendly simultaneously. Ultimately the real value to going solar has been giving back to a community that’s give us so much. That’s our meter for success. Take a look at our solar generation graph below.



Other Ways We’re Greening Our Workplace Environment?

Water Conservation

To conserve our most depleted resource, we designed our Vineyard to use less water while maintaining a natural, beautiful look. Our landscaping was developed with the intention to preserve water.  We don’t believe that sustainability is ever just another initiative. It’s a way of thinking for us. When sustainability is done correctly, it pays. Water conservation through our vineyard provides plenty of benefits. Our choice to reduce our water usage has become tremendously cost-effective. It has also assisted in us adapting to the longstanding drought throughout California. Modeling a wide range of energy and water efficiency initiatives has created more opportunity for us to give back to the world. There’s value in dollars and cents and savings, yes. But for us, it is all about reimagining what energy/water conservation can do. Another one of our favorite renovations to our Santa Clara and San Francisco locations has been installing Living Walls. As the trend of living walls continues to bloom, we wanted to take full advantage of enhancing our offices by adding greenery throughout all of them.  We’re committed to preservation in terms of our environment and constantly seeking ways to better our surroundings and doing it in a way that isn’t heavily impactful on the environment in a harmful way. It is with great hope that we’re inspiring everyone who enters our showrooms to have a stronger appreciation for nature.

sf office


Smarter Commutes

We’ve gone a step further in our green initiative by installing four Chargepoint charging spots in our parking lot. We want to encourage our employees to consider investing in sustainable, more eco-friendly vehicles while saving money concurrently.

Being Environmentally Sound

Instead of halogen bulbs, we’re using LED lighting. By maximizing lumens on clear days, our skylights let us turn off some of our electrical lighting.

By transforming the ways in which we can reform our work environments and actually acting on these changes we’ve become a leading example for all things green. Our partners and clients are also realizing that incorporating sustainability into their workplaces greatly impacts their businesses and communities – making them stronger and more environmentally friendly. Everyday we’re challenging ourselves to be better together while curating a work environment that understands the significance of our divine connection with nature and contributing to its conservation. Now with over 16 of our designers being LEED certified and our facilities manager being recognized by the Northwest Energy Efficiency council, we’re training and supporting employee development in sustainability throughout our entire organization.


Happy Greening!

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