Feb 07, 2023

Creativity and Innovation: Without Physical Presence Innovation and Creativity are at Risk

3 Ways to Foster Remote Creativity

When Steve Jobs set out to redesign the Pixar studios, he noticed that engineers sat in one building, while animators sat in another. The directors and producers – they worked in yet another. Cut off from each other, each team lacked the daily interactions and commingling of different cultures that spur creativity. So he broke the walls down.

Remote employees can feel equally as isolated. And when they do, creativity suffers. Why? The less diverse our experiences, the less creative and more stagnant we become. This is true in our personal – as well as professional – lives. When the highlight of the day is walking from our kitchen to our home office, it’s hard to generate new ideas.

To foster a creative environment, hybrid organizations must find new ways to generate new ideas. This comes down to input and connections – unexpected experiences and new people, places, and ideas that challenge old ideas and thought patterns. But with so many people in so many places, creating those connections takes a deliberate approach.

Three Ideas for Hybrid Creativity

New Experiences. New Ideas.

Without creative thinking, innovation dies. Building a hybrid culture that fosters it takes some creative, out-of-the-box thinking as well. Find new ways to bring employees together. Encourage them to seek inspiration beyond the walls of their home office. Don’t micromanage their timecards. With the right strategy in place, remote workers might become your most creative.

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