Work environments that are designed to make employees feel connected, functional and emotionally fulfilled can increase their productivity. Spaces that employees rejuvenate in can lead to an overall improved disposition. One of the findings in the Steelcase Global Report is that employee engagement correlates directly with workplace satisfaction.

Globally, only 13 percent of workers are highly engaged and highly satisfied with their work experience. The most highly engaged workers have greater flexibility to make choices about where and how they work. They can move around the office easily, change postures and choose where they want to work in the office based on the tasks they need to do. This proves that designing to inspire productivity is beneficial to not just the employee, but the organization as well.

Our top suggestions for designing to inspire productivity and optimal solutions for your workers are:

Make Choice an Option

Flexibility and versatility both support the growing needs and fluctuating tendencies of workers. Most employees require a consistent balance of collaboration and working independently. Some employees thrive in spaces which allow them to work alone, while others may desire spaces which foster collaboration. When employees have the choice to work independently, it allows them privacy and supports the ability to step away and focus. This still gives them the option to be interconnected with their peers in the same environment. Choices create the ability to work individually or collaboratively in open spaces that support employee engagement.

Think Employee Wellbeing

Office designs that promote wellbeing and health have become an evolving and growing trend. Consider the implementation of ergonomic options for seating and workstations. Our current favorite is bringing nature indoors through aspects of biophilic design. Research shows work environments that are more focused on wellness and wellbeing can help to improve employee engagement, productivity, happiness, and focus.

A recent Forbes report showed that 10 out of the 20 benefits and perks that have the strongest impact on employee satisfaction were related to healthcare. By promoting health and happiness through design, we can improve employee retention. One thing that we’re certain about at One Workplace is that when our employees are exposed to environments that boost wellbeing, everyone within the organization benefits.

Designing to Make Work Feel Less Like Work

We’re seeing a lot more work environments that feel less like work and more like home. A non-traditional setting keeps employees relaxed in their workspace, also assisting in hitting the “reset” button when needed.

Today we possess the means to design spaces that strengthen employee morale and performance. More companies are realizing the importance of designing spaces that are not only a reflection of the company and its values but spaces that speak to the needs of its employees.

How are you designing to inspire productivity?