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This year’s event is hosted in Kansas City, MO and focused on the future of educational facilities. We are thrilled to announce that our very own Trevor Croghan, General Manager of Healthcare and Education, will be presenting alongside Greg Owsley, STEAM Director & Math Teacher at Rockhurst High School, Stacy Roth, Director of Education Solutions at Scott Rice, and David Reid, Principal at Gould Evans.

The team will be leading a presentation on “The Future of the Faculty Workplace: A More Engaged World for Teachers”.

Register Here: https://www.ed-spaces.com/registration/
Credits:             AIA LU = 1.25
Date/Time:        Wednesday October 25, 2017 / 8:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

 Program Description:

Teachers are asked to do a LOT in our transformation to 21st-century learning. Yet little has changed in the way schools support them. How can school culture and place positively affect the demanding expectations on teachers? How do we support more positive interactions with students? How do we provide more effective collaboration and professional development to support evolving pedagogy? How can technology be utilized to help overcome outdated paradigms of current faculty workplace thinking?

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about different strategies used in innovative schools to provide a balance between faculty collaboration, professional work environment, better-enabled teaching, and student approachability, with takeaway design patterns to implement in your home schools.
  • Share lessons learned with experts and colleagues at your team tables to understand what cultural changes across the school are important in re–thinking or optimizing the faculty workplace.
  • Learn how to implement new models of professional development and teacher training, with an understanding of how to set up these more interactive, real-life training initiatives in your home schools and districts.
  • Benefit from the take-home guide: session facilitators will collect content from the workshop, process outcomes, and package it for distribution to attendees post conference for use as an on–going guide to support faculty workplace transformation.

 Are you attending this year’s event? Have questions or comments? Be sure to reach out to us and say hello! bjcyrnea%25barjbexcynpr%23pbz@no-spam.com