Picture1What’s one thing that comes to mind when you hear the words coloring book? For me, it’s tapping endlessly into my parent’s wallets as a child because I could never have too many Disney themed coloring books and Crayola crayons. Being a creative all my life, coloring was obviously my first experience with being able to tap into my imagination. Lots of us are doing creative things in our everyday lives and don’t even realize it. So what exactly does creativity and coloring books have to do with us adults?

Over the last few years, adult coloring books have become a solution to help reduce stress and anxiety in adults. It’s become a form of therapy that is much cheaper than relying on an actual therapist. The trend is rapidly growing and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. Now when you go into your local book store, you can expect to see an entire section dedicated to adult coloring books.

Back in April of this year, we sponsored an event hosted by The Registry, that had the theme; Culture. Workplace. Design. In an effort to promote adult coloring and creativity in the workplace, our gift to all of the attendees was a coloring book and colored pencil set. The coloring book titled “Colour Spaces at Work” was created by our Marketing Team, with the illustrations developed by our very own Melanie Sangalang. Melanie who migrated to California with her family from Manila, Philippines at a young age found a sense of hope in illustration and design. Earning her degree in Graphic Design, Melanie admits that it wasn’t something she had always taken seriously.Picture3

Illustration has always been a part of me, but it was something I ignored for a while, thinking it’s just a hobby that I could do on the side. But I could never depart from my calling and learned that there is a purpose in design and illustration. Once I embraced this realization, I went back to school and got serious about my purpose.”

Like any creative, discovering what interests you and becoming passionate about it is liberating. It’s also the very beginning of your creative journey. Melanie is proof that the art of creativity brings you to a place of peace.

As a young teenager, it was a difficult transition to adapt in this new environment. It was a tremendous change for me, almost like losing one’s identity. I found solace in arts, putting my thoughts and emotions onto blank pieces of paper, a place of catharsis.”

Making space for your creative urges isn’t always easy. It’s the ability to be able to express ourselves openly without boundaries, which ultimately empowers our creative side to roam free. Whether it be creating a new illustration or designing plans for your next big project. Creating space for what fuels us should be a daily priority. When asked how she creates the time and space for her creativity, Melanie replied,

Time is always essential and a bit challenging. It’s always hard to find time to be creative or express creativity in the form of arts when you have other important tasks to do. But luckily, One Workplace has given me a great opportunity to utilize my creative skills and gives me projects to work on. Outside of work, it’s a bit difficult to find time, but when I’m inspired, I make sure to sketch out my ideas and illustrate them in later days. I usually paint on Friday evenings or early Saturday morning, when everyone is still sleeping and I’m listening to my “Have a Good Day” playlist on Spotify.”


Essentially, the rise of coloring books for adults has become a calming escape from our demanding and at times hectic daily routines. There’s a multitude of themes and styles of coloring books to choose from. Melanie reflects on how her developing interest for adult coloring books began.

Coloring books have been around for as long as I can remember. The new trend of adult coloring books emerged a couple of years ago and it was very fascinating because it’s inspiring. So when a friend of mine who is a doodle addict created 10 illustrations free to download I was hooked. I wanted to see more.”

It’s a thrill to be able to step away from the norm and experience another world through coloring and illustration. I’ve found that exploring new creative outlets has helped further my growth in creative writing. It’s the art of being able to actively use our imaginations that helps our creativity thrive in more places than one. Melanie believes that coloring books for adults has played a major role in the way we view creativity.

I think a lot of people are discouraged to express their inner artist because they do not know how to draw. With adult coloring books, the anxiety of having to draw something is eliminated. Leaving people with colored pencils in hand making their own rules and demonstrating their artistic skills. There are no rules on how to color, you don’t even have to know the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Creativity doesn’t have to be very complicated, it can be simple and should always be fun.”

The growing coloring book phase isn’t dying out anytime soon. Challenge your creativity by exploring the world of coloring books for adults.

If you’d like to download a digital version of our coloring book: Colour Spaces at Work, click on the link below.

Download Coloring Book

If you’re interested in learning more about Melanie Sangalang’ s art work you can do so here: http://mixedmediams.com/about