CreativeNever ending deadlines, demands, and no cohesive vision will leave you feeling dazed and uninspired. We all know what it feels like to want to get something accomplished. But being pulled in too many directions can often leave us feeling depleted of the inspiration we need to complete the task at hand. During a meeting on Friday with one of the members of our design team, we discussed the different forms of inspiration. Most times, workplace inspiration isn’t hard to come across. The key is to diversify your influences to ensure you’re not limiting yourself one way of pulling inspiration from outside sources. What do you do when you’re in a creative rut? How are you getting re-inspired? If you had to think too hard to answer those questions, then this article is for you. Here are a few tips to help you find creative inspiration in the most uncommon places.


Sounds a bit crazy, but it’s a great source for drawing inspiration. Glara Ahn who’s the Lead Designer for Dropbox talked about how the release of Beyoncé’s recent album, Lemonade had become an inspiration to her and her team. This shows that companies are seeing the value in extracting inspiration from full visual albums or music in general. The tools we need are often found in unique, peculiar places. It is our ability to tap into what isn’t the routine for us that usually gives us the inspiration we need. Music, uncommon yet effective when it comes to drawing inspiration. Whatever your taste in music is, now is a very good time to start relying on it to get you inspired.

If Beyoncé can spend hours creating mood boards for Lemonade why can’t we?” – Glara Ahn 

A photo by Steinar La Engeland.

Look Outside of Work
It isn’t very often you find solutions by remaining focused on the problem. It’s when you go seeking outside of the source that you’re met with successful ways to help tackle the issue you’re faced with. So why is it that in the process of creation we spend hours focusing on what we’re having difficulties creating opposed to stepping outside of the project? Often what you seek to complete at work will be overshadowed by work. Think outside of the workplace. Step outside of your project for however long you need to. Disconnecting from the task will help to rejuvenate you and get your creative juices flowing.

Social Media

Over the past few years, social media has become one of the most resourceful tools there is. At One Workplace, we are focused on better utilizing sites such as Pinterest. Our Pinterest content serves as mood boards that foster innovation and creativity in our everyday work. Being able to revert to the boards you create on Pinterest is a great way to pull you out of your creative rut. Also, browsing blog sites, online magazines and Instagram’s are an excellent way to spark your creativity as well.
OWP Pinterest


They’re out there. Whether the lookbooks are in interior design, fashion or simply creative guides to inspire you to think outside of your creative box. Lookbooks are a sure way to inspire you creatively. We’ve recently designed a lookbook of our own. The goal with our lookbook is to showcase how the One Workplace family of brands can respond with spaces that blend design, materiality, and performance. It’s an amazing resource for sparking creativity. Below is a look at the first issue of ONELOOK. Also, you can click here to download your own copy. 


Hopefully, the tips above will streamline your creative process in whatever it is that you’re working on. The key to a successful project is diversifying the ways you seek inspiration, eliminating all possibilities by not setting restrictions on the resources you utilize to foster innovation.

Happy Creating!