Tis the season to give back by making contributions to those in need.

The hustle and bustle caused by holiday shopping and working tirelessly to check items off of our to-do list can be a lot. It can also cause us to forget that there are others who are less fortunate and in need. At One Workplace we make it our personal responsibility to donate our time and resources to different organizations and nonprofits within our local communities. We believe that one of the best ways a company can be of service is to give as much as we can, as often as we can. We also strive to encourage our employees to open their hearts and embrace the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life through giving. All year long we’re creating new ways of living and thinking through our philanthropic efforts by actively working to give back to those who are underprivileged and lacking quality resources.

We take our involvement with serving our communities seriously all year long. But, giving back during the holiday season for us has always been extra special. It gives us a chance to make positive contributions to those in need. It also allows us to be truly dedicated to making others holiday season a warm and memorable one. Like every year, we’re donating items to several organizations to better serve those who are without this time of year. Generosity goes a long way. Whether you’re donating warm meals, clothes or your time through volunteering, you’re making a conscious effort to make a difference and change lives. We’ve created large donation boxes and placed them in all of our office locations. While donations are optional, we want to inspire the entire One Workplace family to extend themselves by helping those who are less privileged. Below is a list of the organizations that we’ll be making contributions to this year and the items that they’re accepting.

Santa Clara – Cristo Rey 

This year we’ve been working with Cristo Rey High School as a part of their corporate work study program. It’s been amazing having the students of Cristo Rey work with us. It’s been just as amazing to be apart of their life journey by helping to prepare them for life after high school. We’re excited to further our contributions to Cristo Rey during the holiday season.

Cristo Rey High School empowers students from underserved communities to be men and women for others who are prepared spiritually, academically, and professionally to complete college and who will become accomplished leaders committed to a lifelong pursuit of learning, faith, and justice.

This holiday season they’re accepting donations in the form of:

 – Target, Walmart or VISA Gift Cards


Santa Clara – Sacred Heart Community Service

Providing essential services to individuals and families in need remains one of Sacred Heart’s core strategies. The organization has also evolved into a respected and innovative provider of programs that assist families with achieving lifelong economic self-sufficiency.

They assist in basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing assistance, while at the same time offering the tools for self-sufficiency, including employment assistance, family mentoring, and adult and youth education programs.

This holiday season they’re accepting donations in the form of:

– Unwrapped toys and warm winter clothing to support poverty level families in Santa Clara County

– Target, Walmart or VISA Gift Cards


San Francisco – Compass Family Services

Where families facing homelessness receive housing services and comprehensive support as they transition from crisis to economic stability. Having served San Francisco for over 100 years, it is the City’s longest operating family safety net and, in cooperation with partner organizations, Compass will serve until the need ceases to exist.

This holiday season they’re accepting donations in the form of:

– Online Wishlist of Donations



Oakland – Covenant House 

For more than 25 years, Covenant House California has been an open door to thousands of homeless kids… providing them with a safe environment, education, employment and, most importantly, a chance to become independent, self-sufficient adults. Since 1988 they have helped more than 100,000 homeless youth.

This holiday season they’re accepting donations in the form of:

 – Clothing for teens

 – Target, Walmart or VISA Gift Cards


Project Color Corps 

Project Color Corps™ believes in the power of color as a change agent to infuse a sense of well-being and energy into urban neighborhoods nationwide!

A volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to creating change by painting inner city neighborhoods with color and pattern that impart positive messages of optimism and hope.

This holiday season they’re accepting donations in the form of:

– Online Monetary Donations


If you are anyone you know are interested in making donations, feel free to click the links to the website to be apart of our efforts in giving back. Join us in bring joy to the lives of those in need during the holiday season.

Happy Giving!