In August, One Workplace was privileged to have the opportunity to volunteer for a second year with Waves of Impact, a non-profit organization that provides free one day surf camps to children facing exceptional challenges. One Workplace had custom hats made with our corporate logo for our volunteers to help campers, parents and surfers identify our staff who were helping on land and in the ocean.

28752795644_291c029967_kThe last known sighting of ‘the hat’

Not surprisingly, one of our hats was lost at sea during a surf session with one of our campers, Hana. One Workplace employee and volunteer Jason Anderson recalls what happened. “As I was assisting Hana on her board out to the waves, she was laughing and smiling at me and then all of a sudden, she grabs hold of my hat with an iron grip. I figured she’d catch the next wave in and would still be clenching the hat. During her ride, it got dropped into the ocean, never to be seen again”. So we thought.


Waves of Impact founder Josh Harper surfing with Hana

Through the power of social media, just a few weeks following our volunteer day, our Executive Vice President, Julie Jarvis received a text message from a friend of hers who shared a Facebook post from Rob Cockrum. In it, he asked if anyone knew what the logo was on a hat he had found floating in the ocean while surfing in Santa Cruz. Julie’s friend got back to Rob letting him know that the logo was a One Workplace logo and that they had just been in Santa Cruz sponsoring the Waves of Impact event.


Rob responded, “So funny!!! It’s my favorite hat! Thanks OWP!” What makes this story more surreal is that Rob’s company CRE, is a vendor that One Workplace works with.

May our simple story of the lost hat that was surprisingly found, inspire you get out there and volunteer. May you experience the endless boomerang effects of selfless giving, as what you receive in return is far greater.

For more information about Waves of Impact and to donate click here.