We have some really exciting things that are sprouting up here at One Workplace and we figured now is the perfect time to share. Our San Francisco showroom recently underwent some new renovations. One of the features we’re most excited about is our living wall that was designed by Habitat Horticulture. In the last several years, the growing trend of living walls has rapidly increased. Businesses of all sizes are starting to see that the solution to having an inviting, environmentally friendly, cutting edge office design starts with a living wall.

Founder of Habitat Horticulture, David Brenner is quickly becoming one of the country’s most in-demand landscape artists. Based in San Francisco, Habitat Horticulture is known for their one of a kind living wall designs. Brenner, considered a pioneer in the field of vertical gardens is the mind behind some of the most strategically crafted living walls. David Brenner, has recently received lots of recognition for the living wall he designed at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts. The wall at SFMOMA took two and a half years to construct, 3 weeks to plant and contains 37 varieties of plants, 21 of them being native. The museum’s living wall uses smart tech to keep all 19,000 of its plants healthy. Its hidden sensors monitor irrigation, pH levels, moisture and whether the system is low on nutrients.

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In one of our previous blog post we gave you 4 effective ways to enhance your workplace. One of those tips was to curate your work environment, so that there is a strong emphasis on the experience within the workplace. Over the years there has been a dynamic shift. We’re now seeing that placing greenery throughout the workplace is a huge part of modern day enhancement. More often, companies are seeking ways to reconfigure the workplace so that it becomes more environmentally friendly with its focal point being the well-being of its employees. We wanted our San Francisco location to not just look good for our employees and guests, but we also wanted it to be a space that felt good, a space that is comfortable to work in. Plants have been known to reduce stress and provide uplifting effects on the human body. Our living wall’s plant palette will consist of Baby’s Tears, Lysimachia nummularia Aurea, Southern Maidenhair, Pilea Aquamarine and Mondo Grass.

David Brenner is said to have always had a natural love for plants. Stating that his understanding of their therapeutic abilities became very clear for him at an early age. David sees his work as an integral part of a public shift in consciousness. At One Workplace we’re all about preservation in terms of our environment and constantly seeking ways to better our surrounding and doing it in a way that isn’t heavily impactful on the environment in a harmful way. Living walls have become the new wave of making any space feel alive, yet serine. Not only are we excited to have our new living wall, but we are looking forward to continuing to inspiring everyone who enters our showroom to develop a stronger appreciation for nature.

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