First Lady Michelle Obama is a first-generation college graduate, and she knows that in today’s economy a high school degree just isn’t enough. That’s why she’s encouraging education leaders and innovators like you to share ideas to help every young person achieve their college and career goals. Join the Ideate phase of our partnership with The First Lady by contributing an idea on  The Teachers Guild today! Now is the chance for you to share your ideas with us. Take the opportunity to use your own insight so that we can all collectively discover ways to help students to and through college. The biggest and brightest ideas come out of empathy, so now it’s time to take those insights and let them spark new ideas. By posting your ideas to better support more students on their college journey, you’ll have the opportunity to team up with other teachers and educators and make a difference. Let’s help The First Lady achieve her goal and create better solutions that support every young person on their college-going journey! Don’t forget to encourage others to share their ideas as well.

Have questions about how you can participate? Send us a message anytime and we will be there to help walk you through the design thinking process!

You can reach us at: BJCYrnea%25barjbexcynpr%23pbz@no-spam.com

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