It is taking a leap of faith to fulfill a life’s dream. It is the sound of waves rushing to shore as you bathe in the sun.  It is the moment of relaxation after a long day of work. It is not letting your mind convince you that what your heart feels is untrue. It is finding peace in your existence. It is harmony.

True harmony can only be achieved when we are aware of the space where our hearts and minds collide. At times, we let our minds rule. Our logic determines our path while ignoring our heart’s desires. Other times the heart compels us in directions our wiser selves might avoid. Our need to control and manipulate these two forces dissociates us from the rhythm and flow of life. It creates an imbalance and disharmony within our lives.

Cultivating a healthy balance between the heart and mind is an essential component to finding harmony within ourselves and with the world around us. Finding this balance begins with a sense of awareness and understanding, a deep knowing that we possess the power to shape our existence. It is strengthened when we put intentional care into ourselves and seek out moments of calm, peace and mindfulness.

Immerse yourself in your life and all that is around you. Let go of your expectations of self and the expectations of others by simply being. Stop living to control life’s outcomes and let things unfold divinely. Be open to people, experiences, and situations from a place of curiosity. Release the need to pre-judge, overthink or make assumptions. Work hard and enjoy the life you want while making time to be purposefully mindful. Bring your focus to where you are, who you’re with and what you’re presently engaged in. Live in the moment. Let your heart and your mind respond. Choose to be present. Choose mindfulness. Choose to create a world filled with harmony.

Words by Amber Joseph

Amber works on the One Workplace marketing team curating and producing content for the company’s social media platforms and company blogs. In her free time, Amber enjoys traveling, going to brunch with her friends, writing new content for her personal blog, teaching the importance of wellness and doing Tarot readings.

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