Sep 23, 2020

Music Makes Connections

Music Makes Connections

“Music connects people to who they have been, who they are, and to their lives.” Michael Rossato-Bennett

Dementia is one of the leading causes of disability and dependency among the elderly worldwide. In fact, an estimated 5.8 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s dementia in 2020. 80% are age 75 or older.

The disease can be overwhelming –– both for those it impacts physically, as well as the caregivers and family members it impacts emotionally. And while there is no treatment available to cure dementia or alter its progressions, World Health Organization has recommended that taking certain actions can support and improve the lives of those suffering from dementia.

One of those actions –– and one that’s proving incredibly effective –– is music. Music isn’t just helping dementia patients make. It’s helping them become their best selves as memories fade

That’s why One Workplace is excited to host an in-depth discussion about Alive Inside, Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett’s award-winning documentary that explores music’s capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity.

Through conversations and vignettes, Alive Inside shows how music reaches us when we lose the memories that make us human. Through the back door of the minds of patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, music makes their memories flood in - restoring their identity and humanity, even if only for moments at a time.

Download Alive Inside from iTunes and join us with Ari Medoff, CEO of AROSA + LivHOME for a facilitated conversation on October 15 at 12 noon about how we can better connect with our seniors to restore memories and dignity.

To help Alive Inside create more open-source tools to expand human connection and intergenerational empathy, One Workplace will donate $10 to the Alive Inside Foundation for each attendee who watches the film and participates in the online discussion. Learn more about dementia and the power of music and memory and help us make an impact in the process.

Live link for October 15 noon PST meeting invite here.

For calendar meeting invite, please contact Therese Behhdjet [email protected]