neocon-themartNeoCon kicks off this week in Chicago and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. A trade show that is currently one of the most recognized and attended shows in the industry. Held in Chicago, NeoCon is undeniably the most anticipated 3 days of the year for the commercial design industry.

Every year dozens of our One Workplace Employees gather together and prepare to head to NeoCon. Like every year, we’re excited for NeoCon and looking forward to all it has to offer. What are you looking forward to about NeoCon? Well if you needed a few reasons, here’s a list of what we’re looking forward to the most.

Exploring New Products.

The opportunity to experience the newest efforts from our industry’s best minds is something we are sure we all look forward to. For commercial and interior design professionals NeoCon is the social event of the season. Every year 700+ companies are showcased during the show. This is the time where the industry’s biggest vendors divulge their newest products and designs. It’s a bit of an attraction to see all of the great products that are up and coming. We can’t wait to see what everyone has in store.

Getting a Head Start.

With the multitude of keynote speakers, seminars and workshops, NeoCon is the ultimate head start to being in the know and keeping up with who and what is setting new trends within the industry.



Fostering New Relationships.

While it’s a great time to reconnect and nurture existing relationships with clients and partners, meet up with old friends and/or coworkers, (old and new) NeoCon is also the perfect opportunity to build fresh new connections. With an estimated number of 50,000 design professionals from across the globe expected to attend, the trade show is the perfect opportunity to get out there network and meet new faces.

Having Photo Memorabilia to Look Back on And Share.

We like to encourage all of our employees who have the chance to attend NeoCon to capture those perfect moments through photos. A great tip for capturing moments at NeoCon is always being “Camera Ready.” A term we like use when we need a space or even ourselves to look presentable at all times. If you just so happen to see an exhibit that peaks your interest, snap a photo. Be sure to include signage before you take photos of any products. If you’re intending on sharing all of your photos post NeoCon you want to be sure you’re giving the company responsible for the exhibit the credit they deserve.

Seeing Our Very Own One Workplace Employees Flourish.

This year at NeoCon our very own Christopher Good and Brandon Thomas will be leading their own presentation. The two part presentation will be part informative – park workshop. It’ll explore the parallels between the Design Thinking mindset and Active Learning pedagogy. You’ll work with your peers to see design thinking in action and understand how it aligns with Common Core curriculum, the Maker Movement, Bloom’s Taxonomy and more. Learn how to apply Design Thinking in new ways while understanding its impact on Active Learning classroom design and school curriculum. We’re excited that our team will be hosting their own workshop. If you’re available to attend, we highly recommend it.