The commercial design industry’s most important 3 days of the year are centered on NeoCon. The most attended trade show in the industry, NeoCon brings together over 50,000 design professionals from across the globe in the hopes of growing their businesses, learning from their peers, and making new connections. Launching thousands of new products each year, the show also features a multitude of keynote speakers, seminars and presentations. We are ecstatic that our very own Christopher Good and Brandon Thomas will be leading their very own presentation this year at NeoCon.

Chris and Brandon will be leading an interactive presentation and workshop on “Design Thinking for Active Learning Environments” on Tuesday, June 14th.

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Program Title:      Design Thinking for Active Learning Environments

Session Code:       T209

Date/Time:           Tuesday, June 14, 2016 / 11:00 a.m. – Noon

Room/Capacity:   615 / Capacity=125

Program Description:

Explore the parallels between the Design Thinking mindset and Active Learning pedagogy. In a two part presentation (part informative – part workshop) work with your peers to see design thinking in action and understand how it aligns with Common Core curriculum, the Maker Movement, Bloom’s Taxonomy and more. Learn how to apply Design Thinking in new ways while understanding its impact on Active Learning classroom design and school curriculum.

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