Feb 24, 2021

One New Approach

This past year witnessed countless reminders that every American should participate in our democracy and civic processes and have the right to justice and fairness. Government buildings where that participation takes place symbolize the highest aspirations of government service to the people. Successful Government/Justice/Civic buildings become landmarks that represent a common space for citizens and government to come together to achieve the ideals of our representative government. And government employees deserve a safe, comfortable, engaging workplace experience empowering them to serve the people, increase citizen engagement and achieve their professional goals. Democracy plays out in our civic structures, and the health of society depends on their success.

Intentionally designed, beautiful civic buildings and interiors celebrate the history and culture of a place, and they are the expression of our shared vision for an optimistic future. Events that occur, stories that are told, and decisions that are made inside these buildings impact all our lives. Hector Gonzalez, CEO of Tuolumne County Superior Court, spent some time with us recently to share the story of his work and the importance of both the old and the new Tuolumne County Superior Courthouses in Sonora, California.

Our government clients engage with us openly to share requirements and goals, and our government team fully commits to continue to learn and to partner - listening closely to the stories, identifying the needs, introducing insights and options, codeveloping solutions and conducting post occupancy reviews. Experience with Federal, State and Local government projects allows us to navigate the unique challenges of change management, purchasing contracts, employee accommodation, talent retention and acquisition, required security and future planning.

Our Government team includes dedicated Senior Civic Designers, Senior Court Designers, Project Managers, Account Managers, and Client Experience Specialists with expertise in workplace consulting and design, construction, technology, and workplace management services.

rendering by Lionakis

Along with the Tuolumne County Superior Court, Sonora, we will be out in our community working on the Siskiyou County Superior Court, Yreka, the Dept. Of General Services, New Natural Resource Building, Sacramento, the Alameda County Superior Court, Oakland, the Butte County Superior Court, Oroville and many more.

Give us a call, we'd love to hear more about your Government/Justice/Civic project.