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6 Technologies for Return to the Office

From providing physical wellbeing to equipping employees with information, technology can help you advance safety protocols, and build employee trust and wellbeing.

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Digital displays provide much more today than decorative value. They help reduce traffic and confusion, and can extend your brand’s voice. And digital displays are an essential tool for your return to the office. Let’s take a look at three creative ways you can put them to work. 1. Spread the Word. Deliver an experience.

Returning to the workplace in 2022 is anything but business as usual. Making sure hygiene, floor plans and your network are ready is an all-hands endeavor that’s going to take everyone from HR and technology to facilities management. Here’s a checklist to help you get it all right.

We are always on the watch for the next big thing. Check out these six technology trends we believe may impact everyone in the coming year.

As of Winter 2021 there’s still a great deal of uncertainty around what the future holds for daily behavior in the workplace, in healthcare environments, or classrooms and campuses. But one thing that’s certain across all industries is employee, teacher/student, and provider engagement is key.

Beyond best practices and policies (and we’ve developed several), we wanted to start at square one and rethink everything because we knew solving such a complex problem would take a different approach.

Most of our ancestors immigrated to the United States for new opportunities. And when the earliest explorers arrived centuries ago, they found Indigenous People living on the land.

Creating learning environments with intention, focusing on the overall wellbeing of teachers and students is critical for the future.

Telehealth's expansion shows the future of healthcare & the continued change of facilities. Learn how One Workplace can help healthcare's next chapter...

The Mart and all Chicago design spaces were hopping last week in Chicago, and from all reports, there was something for everyone at Neocon 2021.

Full of whimsey and delight rooted in the animal kingdom, Beguiled by The Wild Redux demands a visit with Charley Harper in his studio to remind us of the why behind his work.

We’re in the business of supporting the business of healthcare, and along with everyone else, we’ve witnessed severe challenges within the industry over the past two years for both patients and providers. We believe insights and innovation are more critical than ever to improve the health of healthcare.

Wondering what are Workplace, Real Estate, and Technology experts thinking about and more importantly doing, to plan the Return to the Office? Come to find, they are cautiously testing a variety of strategies that support their business and culture.