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6 Technologies for Return to the Office

From providing physical wellbeing to equipping employees with information, technology can help you advance safety protocols, and build employee trust and wellbeing.

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Feb 24, 2021

Two Favorite Projects

Our 2020 People’s Choice Project Awards go to two recent projects deeply influential in the Sacramento community.

If putting outdoor spaces to work is such a great idea, and it is, then why hasn’t the solution been more widely adopted?

The artists were chose for their creativity and their connections to a greater community. Each participating artist selected specific pieces that could represent the different objectives of the workplace art program. The ultimate end goal of the program was to make this art available for purchase, and to donate some proceeds to causes that means something special to each artist.

Reviewing our featured projects for the past year saw inspired designs, innovative solutions, and unique work environments for a wide spectrum of organizations.

Nov 30, 2020

Well Into the Future

Check out how the Six Pillars of Wellbeing help design healthy environments for learning in the future with the intention & focus on student wellbeing...

Major PPE, communications with families, social distancing and mandatory mask wearing have all been incorporated into the Lincoln, CA back to school planning.

Along with intentionally planned spaces for focus, rest, learning and collaboration, and intentional social rituals and behavior protocols to support connection, incorporating an intentional sensory program can help create more engaging and welcoming workplaces.

Studies show art as an impactful visual stimulant. When featured in workplaces, artwork is oftentimes viewed as a “positive distraction,” prompting rituals like self-reflection and impromptu socialization. When looking at art as a stimulant, surveys have shown that viewers looking at artwork process information more effectively and share ideas and opinions more openly and freely.

What can we do to help our seniors be their best selves as their memories fade? Is there something we can all do today to make a difference?

Sep 23, 2020

Design For Our Future

The number of Americans ages 65 and older has grown by 10% over the past 40 years, and will reach 80 million in 2040. And the group most often needing help with activities of daily living, adults ages 85 and older, will nearly double from 2000 and 2040.

Together with technology professionals, architects, and policy makers, we’re creating a state-of-the-art Interactive Learning Center, located here in San Francisco. One that puts ideas into action, and a place where we can get a glimpse of a safe, connected future work experiences that puts existing technology to work in a way that makes our return to the workplace better than the one we left.

The Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership is a fresh new presence on the Monterey peninsula. And it’s the largest physical expansion of the Bay Area’s beloved Monterey Bay Aquarium.