The act of supporting the wellness and/or wellbeing of others by donating your time and resources to those in need is one of the most sincere contributions to the world.  Every day there are millions of people across the globe who go without due to situations that are beyond their control. As an organization, One Workplace believes in giving back and being of service to others in any way possible. IIDA NC (International Interior Design Association Northern, CA) is an active, diverse and vibrant community of over 900 members made up of Professional, Associate, Educator, Student and Industry Partners. IIDA has officially announced its 2016 philanthropy theme which is “Design for Dignity.” This year IIDA has selected Larkin Street Youth Services as its 2016 philanthropic beneficiary.

As a Silver Patron with IIDA, One Workplace has been presented with an amazing opportunity to help out Larkin Street Youth and we need your help. With winter upon us and the weather progressively getting colder, we know that there are many underserved youth in need of jackets and coats to keep them dry and warm during winter. As a collective decision, we’re having a coat drive. Our coat drive for Larkin will be our focus for the month of November and only the start of or efforts to support this amazing organization. Larkin Street Youth Services is an organization with widespread youth programs throughout the city of San Francisco. The overall mission of Larkin Street Youth is to create a continuum of services that inspires children, teens and young adults to move beyond the streets. Focusing on those that are between the ages of 12-24, Larkin Street Youth engages with roughly 3000 at risk homeless youth per year. The need to provide the necessities for youth in need that are a part of the program can be overwhelming. Our goal is to collect 50 coats or more before the assigned cutoff date.

So how can you help? Below are the details for our coat drive:

  • WHAT:  Jackets & Coats in GOOD WEARABLE CONDITION, suitable for ages 18-24 (Men’s, Women’s, all sizes!)
  • TIME FRAME:  Starting Monday, October 24 – Thursday, November 17th.
  • BENEFICIARY:  Larkin Street Youth
  • Bring coats and jackets to One Workplace in San Francisco.
  • Note: Please call Julia Peppard prior to drop off @ 415. 317.3237 

IIDA’s San Francisco will be hosting an annual event on November 10th called Made Local. This year it’s being held at NWBLK located at 1999 Bryant Street. See attached for more information.

Made Local is a showcase of artists, fabricators and manufacturers who produce goods for the built environment exclusively in Northern California.  This annual event is open to general public, with a specific focus on the interior design community. All proceeds from this event benefit Larkin Street Youth Services. Representatives from Larkin Street will be attending made local which will provide attendees an opportunity to connect and learn more about their amazing efforts.

One Workplace is committed to promoting a cultural shift by servicing our communities. We do this by being involved in initiatives where we can construct positive change in the lives of children, teens and adults in neighborhoods in our own backyards and all over the world. We strive to inspire our partners, clients and friends to have the same vision so that we’re actively working in accord to encourage those who are underprivileged and lacking quality resources to be anticipative for brighter tomorrows. When we focus on making an impact in the lives of our youth, it is beneficial to the individual, our communities, the organization, and society as a whole. We’re constantly cultivating environments that introduces others to new ways of living and thinking through our philanthropic efforts. Each effort makes a difference, whether grand or small. We may not all be able to be of service to others on a grand scale but the more we work together the greater the change and impact. Made Local is looking for volunteers to help out the evening of the event. If you would like to offer your help, please contact Julia Peppard for more information. Please email her at:


For more information on IIDA NC visit:

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