At our core, @OWPLearn is about education. We are passionate about creating and enhancing learning environments so that students and teachers thrive in a way above and beyond the expected model. We ask ourselves and our clients, “What might education look like for your circumstances?” We strive to identify problems with our clients and work together to solve these issues with some of the most innovative and unique solutions. We like to think about and approach problems in a different way. This is why we are ardent about Project Literacy Lab and the fight to end illiteracy–the biggest inhibitor of our passion, education.

For the past week, entrepreneurs, mentors, and a team of dedicated individuals have been plotting, learning, collaborating, and conquering the world at Campovida in Hopland, CA. Their prompt? Ending illiteracy in 757 million people worldwide.

Project Literacy Lab is a global movement convened by Pearson and Unreasonable Group to spread the word and help educate the public about this epidemic. This group understands the importance of literacy and all of the consequential negative impacts illiteracy can bring to individuals, families, communities, and countries. Small tasks that requires being able to read can quickly escalate into big problems.

OWP’s very own Chris Good is one of the many mentors for these exceptional entrepreneurs to help grow, evolve, and spread the word about the problem and how their companies can help. Please take some time to check out the list below of all of these inspiring companies:







Kingo Energy

Karadi Path

Insane Logic







Angaza Design



Throughout next week, we will be sharing the stories of these companies on all of our social media outlets. Be sure to follow along #ProjectLiteracyLab #RewritingLives and sign the petition.