One-Workplace-Headquarters-by-Blitz-Santa-Clara-CaliforniaWe are thrilled and very proud to be named one of the top workplaces to work for by The Bay Area News Group. While holding that title consecutively is a huge honor, we work conscientiously to ensure we live up to the award. Being a family-owned company that prides itself on improving the lifestyle and efficiencies of organizations and their employees, it only makes sense that we treat our own organization and employees the same. We’re very aware that you don’t start out as one of the top places to work. There are a lot of changes, mistakes, and sacrifices that occur in order to be awarded such a prestigious honor.

Our workplaces are where most of us spend a vast majority of our time. We’re seeing our colleagues, clients, and partners more than we’re seeing our own families. In order for our employees to develop a sense of contentment with that sometimes scary fact, we’ve focused on curating an environment where we treat all of our employees with the same value that our company was founded, family. Over time, you realize that the influential impact an employer has plays more of an effect on an employee’s productivity than the actual workplace environment itself. It’s important that we grow to learn that the value of a workplace has more to do with how employees feel within that space opposed to how the workplace appeals to those on the outside looking in. At One Workplace we’ve taken pride in valuing our customers and partners, while every day working hard to show that we value the amazing teams within our organization just the same. After all, this is who works tirelessly to get it all done.

We make this all possible by constantly redefining what company culture is and what it truly means. Like any business, our culture is the foundation. Without the foundation, we lack the ability to achieve what we initially set out to do.  The culture of an organization is what sets us apart from others, it is also the foundation that brings those within the organization together. Our culture is the base for all future innovation. Without culture, we lack the necessities to continuously be successful as a whole. We’ve learned the value in not being afraid to constantly reinvent our brand and amplify what culture truly means to us. We’ve become unafraid to expand and explore new ways to appeal to our existing clients while constantly working toward attracting new business. But with all of that comes consistency and the ability to not lose sight of the message behind why we started in the first place.

The focus has been to create a workplace that defies description. A workplace that over time has advanced, been reborn over and over again and each time being stronger. One Workplace has focused on never failing in encouraging employee collaboration, strong work ethics, creativity, a sense of connectedness and family fun. Our culture more or less is how the organization will be remembered years from now. The stronger we’ve become as a collective, the greater the chances of our company growing and succeeding. We’ve learned to worry less about the expectations of being great by simply focusing on top priority, which is giving back to those who put so much into all that helps our organization thrive. Constructing a great organization is only half the battle. The real work is in building a culture within that organization, nurturing it so that years from now you’re continuously proud to be one of the top workplaces to work for in the Bay Area.