Bringing us color, fun and quality furniture one state at a time, Turnstone gave us an exhilarating experience this week. Traveling to 33 states and a few Canadian provinces, we were more than thrilled that the Turnstone Roadshow made its way to the Bay Area. Stopping at all 3 of our One Workplace locations while here in town, we were given a first look at some of the new pieces that will be available this year through Turnstone. The large, 53’ truck (which barely made it into our parking lot) was creatively spun into a really unique experience for all of us to enjoy. Spotlighting startup culture, we fell in love and nearly made a shopping list for all the amazing pieces we’d love to see in our showroom(s). We filled up on yogurt at the complimentary yogurt bar, listened to great music, previewed amazing product and even had some friendly competition for great prizes. In an effort for all of our customers to feel a part of such a fun, memorable experience, we have great photos which captured some of our favorite moments from The Turnstone Roadshow 2016 here in the Bay area. For more information on the roadshow visit 

Turnstone CollageTurnstone Collage 2Turnstone Collage 3