When I think of Harmony, I think of moments when the universe aligns, moments defined by perfect peace and joy. I can’t speak for others but I imagine these harmonic moments are rare and should be treasured when they occur. I have experienced this feeling of harmony with the world only three times. One of these times was perfect; a moment when space, time, and nature aligned and granted me a temporary escape from the chaotic world we live in.

Our friends lived in a house by a river and every summer they would host a large family BBQ; a chance to enjoy good company, to eat, drink, and swim. The day of the BBQ was one of those days when nature wanted to be extra beautiful. The sun, the breeze, the smell in the air. Everything was lazy and peaceful.

The water was so cold! The children dared each other to swim and slowly the air began to fill with shrieks and laughter. I broke off from the other adults and wandered around the banks of the river enjoying the sun and sounds of children swimming. The sound of soft crunching footsteps behind me stirred me out of my haze and, turning around, I saw my little boy walking towards me, body shivering and teeth chattering.

With my arm around him, we found a hidden hammock in a clearing not too far away. We laid down together in the hammock and the sun started to warm my son’s body. Rocking together slowly in the warm breeze I looked down at my little boy and felt perfect peace. Nothing was out of place and in that moment, we were given the gift of harmony. I knew it wouldn’t last because what rare treasure lasts? I was lucky to be aware of this moment and wise enough to slow down and experience it with perfect clarity.

The breeze, the sun, the shadows of the tree leaves dancing on my son’s body, still glistening with diamond droplets from the river. The sound of the other children playing, the lazy river, fragments of conversations above at the house. The smell of summer grass and warm earth. And an old rope hammock, hidden from the world, swinging languidly, holding a father and son together in a perfect moment in time.That moment passed but the short perfect time in a hammock, by a river, with my son, has imprinted itself on my memory for all time.

Words by Darcy Craig

Darcy Craig currently manages 250 e-Business websites as well as our One Workplace corporate and intranet sites. Darcy actively works with a great team of other talented individuals who help to promote and support new software and hardware initiatives. Darcy also enjoys the more creative side of his role, partnering with the One Workplace marketing team by taking photos, producing videos, and managing all forms and company surveys.

Darcy is a father to 3 amazing children, which he admits takes up most of his time. When there is any free time left for himself, he spends it djing or producing original electronic music, writing (working on two book-length projects now) and drawing. Darcy is also a devoted book and music collector.


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