A neighborhood that originates back to 1835, the relatively isolated Potrero Hill defies San Francisco’s stereotypes. Known for its beautiful city skyline views, sun and scenery, it’s almost as if Potrero Hill moves at its own pace compared to the rest of the big city. Home to America’s first and oldest craft brewery, delicious eateries and some of the best coffee shops in town, there’s no place in the Bay Area quite like this quiet neighborhood.

So why is one of San Francisco’s most well-regarded neighborhoods so significant to us? Our partners, Coalesse are known for collaborating with some of the world’s most talented designers to create artful solutions that combine comfort, function, and emotional satisfaction. In March of this year Coalesse launched the Potrero415 tables.



The typical meeting table isn’t always supportive or welcoming; and the long stretch of a formal conference table can just as often separate people as connect them.” – Coalesse Design Group

Uniquely named after the California neighborhood, the Potrero415 is described by Coalesse as “a refreshing antidote to the traditional conference table.” Certain areas in the workplace such as conference rooms or meeting spaces can often become a place that doesn’t support creativity, connectedness or collaboration. We believe that this is a piece that defines sociability, an essential quality we believe in here at One Workplace.




Designed to support all of the ways you work. Perfect option for a long collaborative table at seated height paired with side chairs. It can be round or square, ideal for meeting areas inside and outside of the room. Merging modern engineering with open-ended variety, revitalizing the essence of the creative worktable for diverse settings across the office landscape. With its patented, cleverly engineered framework and leg system, Potrero415 can be sized for any organization or application. Introducing a new, welcoming, relevantly refined way to work together. Potrero415 is that special something you’re looking for to complete your office space.

Click here for a full brochure full of the Potrero415 table overview.