TeachersGuild-CertificateThe Teachers Guild is going strong with their collaborations and discovering solutions to some challenges in the classroom! Our Learning Environments team is excited to announce that one of our ideas was selected as one of their 11 favorite ideas for the most recent collaboration. This collaboration focused on character building in the classroom by asking:

How might we build character in our students from day one?: A character learning design sprint

In the open collaborations, the Teachers Guild goes through a design thinking mindset to solve some of these issues in the classroom by discovering the problem, ideating solutions, building those solutions, and then selecting the favorites to continue in the prototyping phase. This mindset has been essential in solving big problems in a fun and interactive way. The Teachers Guild is a great resource for educators alike to find solutions and innovate with peers to solve some of your issues!

An awesome thought starting book was published this week by the Teachers Guild to highlight the 11 favorite character trait ideas. Take a look below and make sure to click on the image for download.

Find some of the most innovative and exciting ideas to the posted challenges here and be sure to add your comments and ideas! You can find out more about our recent collaborations with the Teachers Guild and IDEO here and here.