When One Workplace celebrated ten days of design inspiration at our ONEder event last September, the primary impetus was to highlight the beauty of design and its power to inspire. Not lost on the organizers of this two week event was also the power of design to teach, to spark creativity, and to empower change. The Maker Movement, just one example of this power, became the theme for a celebration of tactile learning at the One Workplace – Oakland Center for Active Learning.

MAKER TITLEOn the last day of ONEder nearly one hundred leaders in education and design gathered in Oakland for a full day of maker activities, presentations, and hands-on fun. Headlined by acclaimed educators Emily Pilloton and Victor Diaz, the day’s events revolved around sharing inspiring stories and creating first hand experiences. Emily and Victor kicked things off with their telling of the driving forces behind their mission, their passion for teaching, and the importance of Maker education. A series of energetic workshops followed where maker educators from Sonoma County Office of Education, Calculus Roundtable, Autodesk Project Ignite, and Personalize Learning led attendees through the exploration of eight different hands-on activities. From launching compressed air rockets to building LED flashlights, everyone involved spent their day laughing, smiling, and connecting in ways which underline the true value of the Maker Movement.

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Erin Mackey from the Roseland School District was deeply inspired by Emily and Victor’s presentations and added that “the hands-on activities made the movement come to life” and that she planned to bring the activities back to her school district to engage faculty and “implement with students immediately!” For Vince Iwasake at the Alum Rock School District the biggest takeaway was how the “outstanding speakers connected the “why” to how the “why” drives the “what” of a maker space”.

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Bringing people together for hands-on learning experiences is nothing new for the One Workplace Learning Environments team. We take great pride finding ways to connect the education and design communities in fun and engaging experiences that create lasting connections. Often these experiences result in artifacts from workshops or classes that we often show-off in our office to remind ourselves of why we do the work that we do. Left over prototypes, craft projects, or white board notes typically become the backdrop for each successive engagement. Probably the biggest tell-tale sign of the success of our Maker Movement event was the fact that upon its close – nothing remained behind. Every last scrap of material, every “Scribble Bot”, every compressed air rocket or “Paper Circuit” went home in the hands of a smiling and inspired advocate for the Maker Movement. While we might wished that a few mementos from the day could have remained – we could not be happier for where they ended up!

We were lucky enough to capture the fun and stories from our Maker Movement event on video, and are excited to have the opportunity to share some of the day’s best moments with you. We encourage you to take a few minutes to relive the excitement and learning of the Maker Movement!

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The Maker Movement Recap Video
Relive the Maker Movement in this captivating 3 minute video, highlighting our workshops and amazing speakers

Click here to relive the maker movement.


MAKER TITLEEmily Pilloton & Victor Diaz Presentations
Watch the full length recording of Emily Pilloton and Victor Diaz as they discuss the Maker Movement at ONEder.

Click here to watch the full video.



About our presenters and workshop leaders:

EmilyPEmily Pilloton:
Emily founded Project H in 2008, believing deeply in the power of design and building to excite learning and citizenship. Her first crush, MacGyver, sparked her love of constrained problem-solving and tinkering. She went on to study architecture and building because it was the one thing that allowed her to geek out about everything, from math and structural engineering to ethnography and the fascinating behavior of people. Emily believes that by giving youth, particularly girls and students of color, the skills to design and build their wildest ideas, we can support the next generation of creative, confident changemakers. Her ideas and work have made their way to the TED Stage, The Colbert Report, the New York Times, and more. She is the author of two books, Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People, and Tell Them I Built This: Transforming Schools, Communities, and Lives with Design-Based Education.


VictorVictor Diaz:
Victor is the Founder and Executive Director of REALM Charter School in Berkeley, CA, which serves 700 students grades 6-12.  Founded on the principles of love, grit, and action, REALM uses project-based learning, design, and interactive learning spaces to propel students into productive and revolutionary futures. He is a Koshland Fellow, a Redford Center Honoree and a Ph.D Candidate in Language, Literacy, Society, and Culture at the University of California at Berkeley. He holds a BA from UCLA, a JD from the New College of California Law School, and a Master’s of Education from the University of San Francisco.



Sonoma County Office of Education | 21st Century Learning:
Dan Blake, Matt O’Donnell, Casey Shea
SCOE is a strategic partner to the county’s 40 districts and their 182 schools, providing service and support to help them meet legal mandates, operate cost-effectively, and raise student achievement. SCOE provides fiscal oversight to districts and operates schools for special education and alternative education students who are not enrolled at district sites. However, SCOE does not have or create policies dictating district behavior; each district sets its own policies.


CRT-Grey-02Calculus Roundtable:
Doreen O’Donovan, Jim Hollis
The Calculus Roundtable creates alternative learning pathways that increase the number of students with higher level math and science skills, especially for children of color.   We help schools and districts understand and overcome the obstacles inherent in public education. Our team of education experts can help create solutions where once only opposition and apathy reigned supreme.  We open  opportunities for teachers, curriculum directors and public schools systems to adopt policies, programs and procedures that increase the number children of color who are enrolled in and who complete high level math, specifically calculus. We believe that by focusing on this as a goal, we can disrupt and innovate educational systems that intentionally or unintentionally limit opportunities for students of color.

ProjectIgniteLogo[1]Autodesk Project Ignite:

Amy Bergen, Camille Caron
Project Ignite integrates project content directly into Autodesk’s free, award-winning design software, and provides access to the hardware you or your students need to turn their ideas into physical objects. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for educating the next generation of creative geniuses.

PLEARN-Grey-01Personalize Learning:

Barbara Bray
Barbara works with schools, districts, businesses, and non-profit organizations to facilitate change and design new learning environments. Barbara is a writer, keynote speaker, change agent, and instructional designer. She assists large and small organizations to transform teaching and learning through action research, project-based learning, redesign of learner-centered environments and teaching practice. She builds coaching programs where teachers are facilitators, advisors, and “partners in learning.” Barbara is asked to write, do classroom observations, facilitate visioning sessions, provide a gaps analysis and develop strategic plans along with determining what is authentic, cost-effective, and relevant for clients.