Culture defines an organization’s personality. This identity is shaped as much by the people who work within the organization, as it is by the physical work environment. Understanding workplace culture is the starting point in figuring out what it takes to create spaces that encourage collaboration between employees, foster innovation, creativity, strong work ethics, and a sense of connectedness. The Registry, the Bay Area’s premier source for real estate news and media will host an event on workplace culture and design on April 27th. One Workplace is proud to be a sponsor of [Culture. Workplace. Design.] to be held at the new Dropbox headquarters in San Francisco. Guest speakers and panelists will shed light on workplace revolutions in the Bay Area, focusing on major technology firms and how they are rethinking the way we work and interact in our workplaces. We encourage you to join us in exploring the drivers of this remarkable transformation. All details on time, location, panelist and speakers are listed below.