Over the last decade the stereotypical image of the corporate work environment has distinctly evolved. Office spaces created for standardization, efficiency, and compliance have waned in favor of personal, unique, and intimate workplaces. Over this time, organizations have increasingly realized the importance of providing spaces that are conducive to their employee’s well-being, and individuality. At the same time the lines defining the workplace have begun to blur as more of our work is increasingly handled outside of the office and more of our private lives are experienced within it. As our perceptions of the workplace have changed, so too has our vision of what an ideal workplace should look, feel, and act like.

Looking and feeling, however, are only one part of the equation in creating a successful workplace. The true key is to seek beyond look and feel to understand behavior and to answer deeper questions. Why does this space exist? What greater purpose does it serve? Inspiring workspaces find the balance between what looks good, what feels good, and what works good. These are places which are experienced as much as they are lived within, and they exist not only to provide a place to perform tasks and increase worker productivity, but to motivate and instill a sense of connection and passion. Fostering these types of experiences begins with understanding that employees individually and collectively have diverse needs. Consideration must be paid to how each member of a team works best. While some workers thrive in spaces which allow them to work alone, others may desire places which foster collaboration. While some see the office as a place for high energy connections, others see it as a place for respite and rejuvenation.

At One Workplace we understand the complexities that go into developing a highly functional yet flexible work environment. Our team has extensive experience helping hundreds of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, shape their workspaces. When done right, inspiring spaces alter the way you think and feel. They shape how you work, collaborate, create, and solve problems; and have the ability to transform an organization. Our mission is to help our partners and clients create spaces that can inspire their people and transform their organizations. This begins with a willingness to learn and understand the driving motivations at the core of an organization, and ends with unique solutions for meeting their needs.  Our team of experts can help you implement a wide range of solutions to help your organization create the kinds of workplaces that not only look beautiful and feel great, but help you achieve broader goals, inspire your people and push your boundaries. Learn more by clicking here: Office Design Solutions