When we see the world as malleable, we are more willing to accept that we can shape that world, and our place within it. Making is not a new thing. We have been making, building, designing, and constructing, since we first came into existence. It is part of what defines us as human. It only makes sense that it should play an important role in how we choose to learn – and how we choose to view our world around us.

Adopting this “Maker Mindset” into the formality of a classroom however, can sometimes present a long list of unknowns and questions. Where do we begin? Why is my classroom the right place? What does assessment look like?¬†Who is out there to help?

In working to help answer those questions One Workplace has partnered with Mirus Labs to help create a Makerspace Inspiration Guide. A short guide to the Why, How, and What of Maker Education, with resources and examples that you can apply in your own classroom.

Maker Manual 1.2_Page_01a

Take a look and we hope you will find insights, ideas, and instructions to help you bring a maker mindset to your classroom and your students.

If you try it out, let us know what you think! We would love to continue to evolve and adapt this guide to help more educators adapt making into their lesson plans.

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