There is a reawakening of craft as seen in the resurgence of the handmade, artisanal and maker movements. This can be seen as a direct counter response to our increasingly digital world; a reaction to the sterility of the machine made aesthetic. “The sense of being touched by the hand lends products an aura of warmth and authenticity”. (Epstein, 2017)

There are a variety of reasons for the demand for handmade products; they are more personalized, customized and individualized. Unique, limited, with stories to tell, they can contribute to developing brand identities for businesses and clients as well as lending an eclectic, curated quality to interior spaces.

Natural textural materials are the foundation of craft; wood, glass, wool, leather, and metals are some that bring the richness and variety of the natural world to the objects they fashion. The sustainable aspect of natural materials provides a bonus to many handmade pieces. In fact, “sustainability is now a virtually mandatory aspect of brand development-a quality abundant in the craftsmanship associated with handmade design.” (Cre-ative Blog Staff, 2013)

Original pieces are timeless; unconstrained by the boundaries of different interior design styles, eras, and trends. This attribute makes handmade a particularly good investment.

In our increasingly high-tech, fast-paced world, the handmade honors time, artistry and skill. The artisan culture can teach us to respect that which will endure. In a time when our landfills are overflowing, items that last have a personal as well as a global impact. Our lives and our planet will be the better for it.

Words by Lisa Welty-O’Hare

Lisa Welty-O’Hare works with our One Workplace sales teams to facilitate creative engagement workshops. These engagements are designed to help clients more deeply understand their challenges in re-defining and re-shaping their spaces. Lisa also mentors younger designers, sharing the knowledge of her nearly 20 years in the design field. Lisa’s private life is quiet; she’s a political junkie, always watching and reading a lot of news. Lisa designs and makes jewelry and paper crafts. She enjoys reading and watching movies. Lisa’s social time is spent with family and close friends.