1. Power of Place
The key to employee engagement is bringing people together with a sense of purpose in a place that will help them achieve their best work. However the notion of place often goes overlooked, but when the workplace is designed to be a destination there are substantial gains in engagement and productivity to be had. To achieve this a workplace must be not just a location to do work, but a place that balances collaboration with privacy, fosters cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing and offers choice and control.

2. Wellbeing @ Work
There’s a growing effort to consider how we can become more resilient … to rebound from a negative situation by actually becoming better than where we started. So we believe we have a responsibility to not just stem the rising cost of healthcare, we believe we have a responsibility as employers and global citizens to help people be healthier than they are now.

3. Privacy Crisis
In organizations all over the world, people are facing brand-new problems that require sharing information and putting knowledge together in new ways. For all the right reasons, collaboration has become the big engine for progress and innovation. Although workplaces today make it seemingly easy for people to collaborate, most leaders remain dissatisfied with the pace and frequency of breakthroughs. Uncertain of what to do next, they hire new talent, carve out trendy group spaces, add technology or step up team training efforts – but still don’t see the gains they desire.

4. Furniture Design and Textiles: The Mastery of Fabrication
This fundamental course will take designers through the design and development process for furniture, taking into consideration frame, suspension, foam and design intent. The journey continues with a look at fabrics from fiber to weaving to print. It culminates as we explore the two coming together – the creation of a cover set and the upholstery process. We discover how characteristics of fabric behave on certain designs and how to thoughtfully weave one’s way through the selection process. The training ends with visual celebrations of when the combinations work and when they do not.


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