Life Moves Redwood City

Life Moves' new San Mateo County Navigation Center in Redwood City provides people with a fresh start and an opportunity to find permanent housing. The Offices of Charles F. Bloszies Architect, Sares Regis, XL Construction and One Workplace as a team, focused on creating quality interim housing for 270 folks. Utilizing modular contruction enabled the site to be completed in a mere six months.

Sarah Laffoday
Account Manager
Situated in a park-like setting with indoor and outdoor community areas, Life Moves Redwood City offers housing security and privacy with plenty of open space close by, a communicaty kitchen, on site laundry, and supportive services to empower residents paving a pathway to self sufficiency.
Community rooms offer flexible spaces for workshops and support groups, with ample access to the benefits from nature and fresh air. Our team sourced indoor and outdoor furniture to provide choice, comfort and control for folks going through transitions.

Photography by Matthew Millman