NOELIA LOPEZ Vantis, Santa Clara
Latinx Resource Group

Chilaquiles Rojos is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish. A dish that can be served as your main dish or a side. I remember my mom making them growing up. Mom would make her own sauce, and I have learned to adapt the recipes to my busy lifestyle.


Cut the corn tortillas into triangle shapes.

Add cooking oil to a pan and heat to medium.

Once cooking oil is hot, slowly add your triangle tortillas.

Once the tortillas have cooked to a chip-like texture, you can then flip the tortillas with kitchen tongs. Once both sides are nice and crispy, you can remove them and place them on a plate. Keep doing this until all the corn tortillas have cooked.

Once all your tortilla chips have been cooked, you can use the same pan you used and remove some of the cooking oil until there is very little in the pan.

Add all your tortilla chips into the pan over low heat.

Open your El Pato sauce can and add the sauce into the pan. Using the thongs, mix until each chip has the red sauce.

Cover pan for a minute or so until all corn chips have softened slightly.

The Chilaquiles Rojos are ready to eat.

PREP TIME: 5 minutes
COOK TIME: 15 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 20 minutes

1 can of El Pato salsa
5 corn tortillas (brand of your choice)
Corn cooking oil (brand of your choice)


Photo credit: brokebankvegan.com