Making Waves Academy

The mission to send more students to college, graduate and become contributing members in their community, drove Making Waves Academy charter school to create a campus designed to support these goals. Following a successful Making Waves fundraising campaign, Studio Bondy, One Workplace Learning Environments and AV Technology, and Vantis teams partnered to make the new Middle School and renovated Upper School a reality.

Irene Berania
Account Manager
Inspired by the building colors, the Middle School sports bold primaries while the Upper School reflects a more collegiate look. All interior finishes and construction represent school themes and integrate technology to display school culture, a culture which supports students and families in their education journey to college and beyond.
Middle School classrooms open onto common breakout areas expanding learning environments and integrating programing from adjacent classrooms. Breakout spaces offer stadium seating, café tables, stools, ottomans, and high-backed lounge spaces providing multiple, flexible options to meet learning styles.
In 2019 with more than 1000 students, 78% socioeconomically disadvantaged, Making Waves graduated 99% with a college acceptance rate of 95%. A tutoring center, restorative justice center, libraries, and maker areas featuring the right construction, furniture and technology to support each function contribute to this phenomenal success.

photography by Ken Gutmaker

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