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Spaces that Heal


One Workplace Healthcare Services brings experience, creativity, and technology together to create environments that improve the patient experience. It’s an approach that makes it simple and seamless for providers and patients to give and receive the care they need.

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spaces that teach

Higher Education

The way students learn is constantly changing. Professors have more tools at their fingertips than ever before. That’s why we work collaboratively with colleges and universities to create learning environments that extend beyond the lecture hall.

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Spaces that perform


Businesses need to turn square feet into business results. Working in the heart of Silicon Valley has helped us understand how to navigate a constantly changing landscape to build environments that bring people, technology, and culture together to get more out of every business.

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Spaces that teach

K12 Learning Environments

Our learning environment solutions create solutions that engage and inspire students now, while preparing them for the future. Our process combines the unique ways students and teachers learn and teach to build dynamic, adaptable environments.

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